Trick Your Brain To Pee Out 2 Pounds Of Fat Each Morning

Hi, I’m Ben Robertson

Both I and my wife share the same story: fighting obesity with no real success.

Since we got married, we gained almost 200 pounds in total and when our health started to deteriorate and we could not take any longer the stigma and the hurtful jokes and all the judging looks of the ones around us, we decided to do something about the extra weight.

But all we did showed little or no results, whatsoever. The long hours spent in the gym, the countless diets and weird weight loss methods, barely eating something… nothing worked.

It was tiring, as I spent days and nights researching, frustrated when I did not get the results I wanted, but also rewarding, as I finally managed to find the 5 easiest tips to manage your weight.

5 easiest tips to manage your weight.

1. Water Does Miracles

Why drink water when you can replace it with something else, right? In my opinion, water is underrated by those trying to lose weight. Why? Because what they do is replace it with liquid calories without even realizing it. They prefer to drink sugar-sweetened ‘natural juices’, sweetened tea, and soda, and then ask themselves why they are not losing weight even if they eat right and go to the gym. Well, because you actually drink hundreds of calories without even knowing it. Just stick to plain water or unsweetened tea if you want to see some results.

2. Tasteless, boring food? Who said you have to eat that?

You are just trying to lose weight, you are not sick, so why eat tasteless, hospital food? Studies show that your brain will start turning against you if you do not eat tasty food for a long time, telling you that an ice cream or a piece of chocolate is what you really need and what would make you happy. So be one step ahead of your brain and eat, from time to time, ‘forbidden’ foods and relax a little. It’s not the end of the world.

3. Protein instead of Carbs

Choose fiber and protein if you want to feel full faster. Carbs only increase insulin levels making you hungry. So instead of grabbing a sweet fruit when you feel a little hungry, you’d better opt for a piece of low-fat meat.

4. Planning ahead is the trick

Not having a meal plan for the next day will make you a victim of the ‘grab what you have’ panic when you will start to feel hungry. That is why planning is a must. So, today, while you are having lunch or dinner, make the plan for tomorrow. It would be best if you could start cooking ahead, maybe chop some veggies or defrost some food.

5. A strict schedule

Yes, losing weight implies a strict routine, especially when it comes to sleep. If you do not sleep for at least 7-8 hours a night, your body will be stressed and stress leads to a change in metabolism, feeling hungry, tired, and even depressed.

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