Finally!! A vegan post-workout and meal replacement shake that is more than just nutritious

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Now you can build lean muscle and have the most nutritious meal that you’ve had all day. Improve your digestion and overall health to an Optimal Level.

Complete Plant Based Protein

Elite Protein was designed with 25 grams of Pea and Hemp Protein to help aid in faster muscle recovery. This complete protein shake is extremely convenient and will help keep your body conditioned for Optimal Performance.

Nutritious Meal Replacement

Formulated with a premiere Superfood blend, Elite Protein’s organic ingredients will supply you with the high quality nutrition on the market.

Most Delicious Protein on the Market

Say goodbye to Chalky protein drinks. Customers love the fact that Elite Protein is smooth and delicious and lacks the chalky texture and “fake sugar” aftertaste of most proteins.

Micronutrient Dense

Although Elite Protein was designed as a Post Workout Protein shake, the formulation equally serves as the Optimal Meal Replacement shake due to the amount of organic nutrients and no sugar added profile.

Enhance your Digestive System

What good are nutrients if your body can’t absorb them Elite Protein solves this problem by fortifying itself with Digestive Enzymes that breakdown the proteins, carbohydrates and fats so the they can assimilate through the body faster, thus getting to the places where your body needs them the most.


Just mix Elite Protein with Almond Milk, Water or into your favorite Smoothie.that’s it and that only took 30 seconds to do.

Certified Organic Ingredients Inside

Elite Protein

Pea and Hemp Protein*

Our pea protein is extracted only from the best organic yellow pea. It has a neutral taste, making it an ideal protein shake ingredient. The hemp protein found in Elite Protein comes from fine, organic hemp. Hemp is a wonderful source of amino acids.


Spirulina is another superfood which is good source of plant protein. Due to its amazing ability to generate cells, it is heralded as a great strengthener for the immune system. Spirulina also helps detoxify the body, reduce inflammation due to exercise and helps improve the digestive system.

Chia Seed*

Chia seeds may be small but they’re massive when it comes to benefits. These seeds contain high-quality protein and antioxidants. Research shows that chia seeds work in decreasing appetite, making it deal for weight loss.

Organic Maca*

Maca is a superfood that boost the immune system, increases stamina and energy, activates endorphins and promotes hormone balance

Coconut Water*

Coconut water is rich in 5 essentials electrolytes needed by the body. These includes sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Sometimes, with extreme sweating, electrolyte imbalance can occur.

What makes Elite Protein, Elite

Most protein shakes are either Whey or animal based drinks whose chemical make is acidic to our bodies. Elite Protein is made of 100% Plant Based organic ingredients which are alkaline and work in harmony with our bodies. Unlike other plant based proteins, Elite Protein is a complete protein that doesn’t contain any soy, stevia or sugar alcohols. Also, Elite Protein is USDA Certified Organic.

Why is this protein so much more effective than other proteins

With 25 grams of Complete Plant Based Protein and Digestive Enzymes, Elite Protein’s vitamins and minerals quickly supply your body with the nutrients that it needs immediately.

Since Elite Protein lacks fillers, gmo ingredients and added sugars, its formulation is not compromised thus giving you the highest quality nutritional shake on the planet.


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